Effective May 11, 2023: Oregon’s public health officials have lifted several COVID-19 response measures as the federal emergency ends. Learn more about the latest changes here.

For parents & families

COVID-19 vaccine answers

Children ages 6 months and older are now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you’re a parent or caregiver, it’s normal to have questions about the vaccine for your child. It’s important to get your questions answered and talk to your health care provider when making the choice to get your child vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ask a Doctor Part 1: Answers about COVID-19 vaccines for kids 6 months+

Ask a Doctor Part 2: More answers about COVID-19 vaccines for kids 6 months+

Download these Questions & Answers about the COVID vaccine for children 6 months and up.


Should my child get the vaccine?

Children can get very sick from COVID-19, and the vaccine is the best way to protect them. The new variants of the virus are more contagious, and more young people in Oregon are being hospitalized with COVID-19. Thankfully, the vaccines offer effective protection against getting very sick or having to go to the hospital due to COVID-19, or possibly spreading it to others.

What are common vaccine side effects?

These common side effects are normal signs of your child’s body building protection against the virus. Side effects should go away in a few days.