Effective May 11, 2023: Oregon’s public health officials have lifted several COVID-19 response measures as the federal emergency ends. Learn more about the latest changes here.

Eastern Oregon

Map of Oregon with Eastern Oregon pulled out.

Trained professionals offering local support

COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways. It can be difficult for anyone. If you’re having trouble coping, you’re not alone and it may be time to reach out for support. Interpreter services available.

Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living
Peer-led counseling and support groups for people with disabilities.
Call 541-276-1125

Community Counseling Solutions
CCS has outreach workers who are trained to listen and provide support in times of struggle due to COVID-19. We will listen to your story. We can help with a referral, educational materials or other resources.
Call your local office to speak with an outreach worker.

  • Arlington Office: (541) 454-2223
  • Boardman Office: (541) 481-2911
  • Condon Office: (541) 384-2666
  • Fossil Office: (541) 763-2746
  • Heppner Office: (541) 676-9161
  • John Day Office (541) 575-1466
  • Spanish line: (541) 676-9161 ext 4618


New Directions Northwest Inc.
New Directions Northwest, Inc. specializes in helping people with alcohol, drug and gaming addictions, mental health, developmental disabilities, and prevention services. If you or someone you know in Baker County is facing addiction, mental or behavioral health, or disability challenges.
Call 541-523-7400

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness
Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness offers a wide variety of behavioral health services, including individual, family and group therapy, gambling counseling, addictions treatment, 24/7 mobile crisis services, school counseling and developmental disabilities services. We are offering free and confidential counseling during COVID-19.
Call 541-426-4524
24/7 crisis line is 541-398-1175

Umatilla County Human Services
Umatilla County CARE Human Services provides addiction services, preventative resources and veteran support.
And during COVID-19 we are here to listen and support members of our community.

Call English: 541-379-3575
Call Spanish, Mayra Zepeda: 541-648-8601