As of June 20, 2022: Everyone 6 months and older in Oregon is now eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccine Find out what this means for parents and families.

Resources for people with disabilities

OHSU has compiled a list of COVID-19 related resources for people living with disabilities, including webinars, general information, videos, and links to state and federal resources.

Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (ODHHS) tips for communicating while wearing face coverings

ODHHS tips for Deaf people seeking medical care during COVID-19

ODHHS checklist for Deaf people when creating a hospital “go bag"

NW Disability Support (NWDSA/ABI) offers COVID-19 support for people living with disabilities. They provide both English and Spanish services. For accessible resources and materials, training, general information and links to state and federal resources visit their website here.

To reach NW Disability Support by phone, call:

503-238-0522 (English support)

S503-262-4029 (Spanish support)