Starting March 12, 2022: Masks will no longer be required in most settings in Oregon. Find out what this means for you.

Signs, symptoms and self-care

What to look for

If you’re having trouble coping, you’re not alone

No matter what you’re dealing with—stress, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use or the impact of COVID-19—you don’t have to go it alone. There are tools to help you cope.

Signs to look for
Mental health challenges look different for everyone. Here are some common things that might mean it’s time to reach out to get support:

Do you or your loved ones . . .

  • Feel tired all the time?
  • Feel tense or on edge?
  • Have headaches, sweats or chills?
  • Eat too much or too little?
  • Have nausea, stomachaches or diarrhea?
  • Use alcohol or drugs to cope?
  • Avoid friends or family?

Is it hard for you or your loved ones to . . .

  • Focus, remember things, make decisions?
  • Get out of bed?
  • Do things you normally do, like cleaning or doing chores?
  • Be around others?

Have you or your loved ones been feeling . . .

  • Worried or afraid?
  • Guilty, sad or lonely?
  • Like you don’t want to do the things you normally enjoy?
  • Angry or irritable?
  • Very worried about COVID-19?

There’s help for you and those you love. Reach out for support today.