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How to stay safe

Groups and gatherings

Learn how to stay safe by creating a “bubble”

Your “bubble” means everyone you live with and everyone you spend time with outside of your house. Keep your bubble small so you can keep track of everyone in it. If someone in your bubble gets sick, you’ll know if you or anyone else in your bubble has been exposed and needs to get care. By keeping your bubble to the same small number of people, you can lower your risk for COVID-19 and the risk of exposing others.

Protect your friends and family
Even though it’s hard, when we stay away from our older loved ones or those who have serious illnesses, we protect them. Waves and smiles can’t replace hugs and handshakes, but there are other ways you can show you care.

  • Teach grandma how to use a video chat app, check-in over the phone, or write a letter.

  • If you’re dropping off groceries to a relative, say hi through the door or window but don’t go inside.

  • Make sure your loved ones wash their hands each time they come home.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces in your house that are touched a lot, like doorknobs and countertops often.