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For community based orgs

Technical Assistance Playbook

Resources and information to support the people we care about.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, play and interact with each other. The resources available through this playbook help us respond to those changes. All of this is made possible through your expertise and partnership. Thank you for leading and helping us better understand what’s needed to keep people healthy and informed.

The Safe + Strong Technical Assistance Playbook is updated each month with tools to equip our communities with critical information, resources and support for navigating COVID-19 and its impacts on daily life. This playbook is for community leaders and is designed to help provide crucial updates and guidance in a clear, relevant way.


Talking points for communities

The Safe + Strong Technical Assistance talking points offer clear, concise communications about the Oregon Health Authorities latest public health guidelines for slowing the spread and keeping people safe and strong through COVID-19.


Public service announcements scripts are written to reflect the needs and concerns of community members. Based on our conversations with technical assistance partners, these announcements are promoted on radio, live social media streams and television to alert communities about the most important information and resources available through the Safe + Strong website.


Public service announcements audio can be shared how you see fit to get out the most important information and resources available through the Safe + Strong website.


Safe + Strong videos are made to provide basic information about COVID-19 — like how to stay safe at work and home — and to raise awareness about resources and information available through the campaign.


Our communities have many questions about COVID-19. Based on your feedback, we’ve created this Safe + Strong resource to help you respond.

If you have questions about Safe + Strong technical assistance or would like to share any information you’re hearing from the communities you serve, please contact